Why Do I Need a Safety Plan?


Do you have any weapons or prescription medications in the house?”

Ask the person if they have access to any lethal means (weapons, medications, etc.) and help remove them from the vicinity. (Another friend, family member or law enforcement agent may be needed to assist with this.)

Do not put yourself in danger; if you are concerned about your own safety, call 911.

“Is there someone you can call if you think you may act on your thoughts of suicide?”

Create a safety plan together. Ask the person what will help keep them safe until they meet with a professional.

“Will you promise me that you will not drink or at least have someone monitor your drinking until we can get you help?”

Ask the person if they will refrain from using alcohol and other drugs or agree to have someone monitor their use.

“Please promise me that you will not harm yourself or act on any thoughts of suicide until you meet with a professional.”

Get a verbal commitment that the person will not act upon thoughts of suicide until they have met with a professional.

Safety Planning Apps