We all need hope for the holidays…

The holidays are a happy time for many of us, but it’s important that we recognize the people who are struggling this time of year. Stress is normal during the holidays, but sometimes stress can lead to issues with mental health and even thoughts of suicide. When these struggles persist, it can be easy to lose hope that things will get better. Which is why we are dedicated to bringing our followers hope for the holidays! Hope is a protective factor against suicide, because it can give people the motivation to live.

For the entire month, we will be posting self-care strategies, coping skills, funny pictures, resources, and other information on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that inspire hope and give support to our followers. Here are the different types of posts we will have depending on the day of the week:

Saturday Reflection:

Every Saturday this month, a different member of our staff will tell our followers what hope means to them.

Sunday Affirmation:

Sometimes when we have a lot of negative things going on, it can be difficult to think of things in a positive light. We all need to hear something positive about ourselves every once in a while, so expect a feel good message on Sundays!

Funny Monday:

Everyone needs to laugh sometimes! Laughter can help relieve stress and forget about the negatives for a while.

Self-Care Tuesday:

One of the ways to combat stress during the holidays is to practice self-care. Our posts on Tuesdays will be different self-care strategies you can use.

Wednesday Skill:

Coping skills are techniques that can be used to help you with mental illness, thoughts of suicide, stress, and other mental health concerns. Look out on Wednesdays for skills you can use to make life easier during the holidays.

Info Thursday:

One of the ways we fight suicide is by knowing the facts around mental health and suicide. Keeping yourself informed about warning signs, risk factors, and other information can save someone’s life! Check out the links to our Facts and Resource pages under Additional Materials.

Fave Friday:

We all need someone to talk to, especially during the holidays. Every Friday we will provide our followers with one of our favorite resources, such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255). There is always support available!


December Calendar of Hope

At the end of every day, we will post messages given to us by people that want to bring hope to others. All of these messages of hope will be compiled into a custom made December calendar for you to follow along every day of the month.

Before the month

December 2018 Day 1

Message of Hope Day 1

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every day to see what the next message is. The finished calendar is available for you to download and print here.

 Additional Materials

Facts, Resources, and Strategies:

On our website:
Risk Factors and Warning Signs
Protective Factors
Get Help Now
Find the Words
After a Suicide

For more information about suicide from other sources, check out the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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