Suicide Care in Systems Framework

This report presents the findings and recommendations of the Clinical Care and Intervention Task Force to the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention. The Task Force focused its deliberations and recommendations on care in four environments:

  • Emergency Departments and medical-surgical units
  • Primary Care and General Medical Settings
  • Behavioral Health Entities
  • Crisis Services

And, while much of our concept of care lies in traditional face-to-face service delivery between clinicians and patients, the Task Force recognizes and has incorporated the growing use of technology to deliver care (e.g., telephone lines, e-help, texting, blogs, and social networks).


A key element of suicide prevention is ensuring that people at risk for suicide receive the most effective and appropriate care. The Action Alliance is helping to transform suicide care through its Zero Suicide initiative and other efforts addressing workforce training, financing, crisis services, and standard suicide care.

Clinical Workforce


Crisis Services

Standard Care

Zero Suicide