Some trainings we provide include:

Other Trainings Available:

Assessment and Management of Suicide Risk (6.5 hours)

Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk teaches essential core competencies that meet the needs of an entire spectrum of mental health professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed counselors, social workers, and employee assistance professionals.

Connect Suicide Postvention Training: Promoting Healing and Reducing Risk After A Suicide (6.5 hours)

A suicide can have a devastating impact on a community. The shock and grief can ripple throughout the community affecting friends, coworkers, schools, and faith communities. Connect postvention training helps service providers respond in a coordinated and comprehensive way in the aftermath of a suicide. Since knowing someone who has died by suicide is one of the highest risk factors for suicide, postvention becomes an integral part of suicide prevention efforts. More than “just training”, Connect fosters relationship building and the exchange of resources among participants. *Next training available March 2019

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