Our vision is a South Carolina free of suicide in youth and young adults.


The mission of The South Carolina Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative is to help reduce the incidents of suicide, with the belief that suicide is largely preventable through greater access to information and resources.  


To achieve this mission, we seek out and involve community partners and have built a coalition focused on preventing suicide in youth and young adults.  The South Carolina Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative is not a licensed health care facility. We believe our role within the suicide prevention process works best when youth, young adults, survivors, those left behind by suicide and professional and community stakeholders work together to:

  • Understand cultural barriers associated with the topic of suicide prevention and grief support
  • Be open, respectful and inclusive to the diversity in all lived experiences
  • Provide access to information and resources
  • Instill hope and advocate for programs and services that enhance community awareness
  • Intervene and provide a space for those who are lonely, depressed, and suicidal or grieving the loss of someone by suicide to be heard
  • Embrace recovery and nonjudgmental listening as the means for communicating and connecting with those affected by suicide